Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Series of Firsts:

Right, So CupcakeMumma has very nicely tagged me for the 'My Firsts' blog.  Let's have a go...

Who was your first boyfriend? Hmm. I believe first proper boyfriend was a boy called Chris when I was 13....looking at 13 year olds now though you think 'Good lord, far too young!'  Anyway, first love and all that.  Lasted about a year haha.  Which is quite good going for a first boyfriend really....What Can I say? Im just lovable haha! 
First person you kissed? Well it was when I was about twelve, so you can imagine just how rubbish it was.  He asked his friend to ask me if I would 'go with him'....anyway I panicked and thought that meant sex or something until someone pointed out to me it was just a kiss. Can remember it clearly haha.  He was a good four inches shorter than me (dont think he has grown much since either....)  and we kissed....with no tongues...was like two goldfish kissing...snogging with no tongues.  Needless to say...did not kiss him again.

First Job? Waitressing in a pub by my parents.  Quite enjoyed it.  Did waitressing for a good three years. Was only about fourteen at the time I started. Would never ever ever do waitressing again though! 
First pay packet. What did you do with it? No idea.  It was only for about £30, so probably just spent it on complete rubbish while shopping!

First CD you remember buying? It was one of the 'Now ' something albums.  May have been 48.... Anyway, I can remember it had that 'Im Horny' song and 'Im blue daba dee daba dyeee'. Haha.  Bought it in Macro....

First holiday abroad? I was 14 first time I went abroad, quite sad.  Went to Spain with my family and my uncle and auntie and cousins.  Got extremely drunk everyday and night with my cousins, had a major hangover when we came back...

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home?  About a week after my 19th birthday :) Moved into a horrible (seemed fab at the time) house and rented it for six months, then moved to the house we are in now in Feb '10 and have been here for two years now, but will be moving again shortly because we have officially bought out own house woooh! Will take about 6 weeks though!


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