Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Me Time.

Had a lovely valentines day with the Mr, had a cosy night in, ordered an Indian and watched a couple of episodes of Mrs Browns boys (Not very romantic telly choice - but bought the Mr the box set for valentines day so had to be done...)

Then spent today up the farm with my parents and the minions, needless to say my wash basket is now full again after all the mud they managed to plaster themselves in!  It was pretty much empty yesterday! Anyway, we all got our dose of fresh air and feel better for it!  Then this afternoon spent it sitting in Singleton hospital waiting room to see a consultant...who was supposed to be seeing me at 3.15pm and actually called me into her room at 4.50pm. :| Needless to say, not impressed.  So didn't get back to pick up the minions from my parents house until 6.15pm, where the Mr was waiting for me and informed me he was going out at half seven.  (I knew he was going out....just thought it would be later!), so mad rush back home, cooked food for him...aka re-heated last nights Indian for him...I'm afraid I don't eat re-heated food personally! Especially takeaway. Haha. 

So anyway, he has gone.  You would think that this would mean 'oh thats nice, after the kids go to bed a bit of 'me time'.' You would be mistaken.  After he went, Little Miss got taken up to bed, then it was battle with Little man to get his PJs on ready for bed, he finally went up at quarter to eight, I have had a quick shower, before coming down and on here to write this before getting down to my 'me time' which is going to consist of...
-Tidying up the kids toys
- Once the tumble dryer has finished Iron what is in there
- Chuck a wash on to try and empty the laundry basket again
- Wash the Mr's dishes which he kindly just dumped by the sink....
- Catch up on a bit of uni work
- Take some beef out of the freezer ready to make Cawl tommorow.

- Collapse into bed.

As you can see, there is no 'me time' there.

The only 'me time' I actually get is the half hour between getting into bed and going to sleep and reading my book.  Which I cant even say is every night because every now and then the Mr decides to come to bed early and will TALK to me throughout my reading....something I hate. Something he knows I hate but doesnt understand therefore keeps doing it! 

So, on with my 'me time' or what my 'me time' actually is! 


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  1. Hi Beth i've tagged you in a post called 'My firsts' dont feel you have to join in though! xx