Saturday, 26 November 2011

First Blog....

So here goes, my first blog.  
Have been meaning to begin this for ages, but as expected when you have two little ones, things never seen to happen when you want them too happen.  

After six weeks of permanently being ill, I feel fantastic today.  A little tired, but on the whole fantastic.  Am actually that good, that I have finally caught up with my laundry...well as caught up as it is possible to be with two pre-schoolers and a partner who seems to wear eight outfits a day...(a slight exaggeration but feels like it...), and it is 8.05pm and I am actually considering dusting or doing uni work....miraculous recovery I think?! 

After a major de-cluttering session last saturday...which I would like to say is complete....but had to be cut short due to Sweet-Pea being sent home early from the grandparents due to major cold, we had to call it a day, before starting on the living room and kitchen.  Hoping to try again tomorrow being the little man has stayed in the Grandparents tonight after a week of begging, finally gave in.  Once this decluttering lark is over and done with...I will finally put the Christmas decorations up...even though I am hoping to hold out until the second weekend of me a scrooge....but I cant deal with the clutter for weeks and weeks as some people seem able to do (I have seen decorations up locally since October!), so second weekend suits me quite well, thankyou very much.

I am going to go now and do some much needed cleaning...poor house, doesnt  know what has hit it with me being ill.  Messiest it has ever been I think!