Friday, 6 January 2012


So it seems apparently, I am not very good at blogging....both content wise and regularly!  Which is a shame because I enjoy reading friends blogs and I want to do one too!  So here is my second, and hopefully much better attempt!  

2011 has been a fantastic year:
-Managed to go on two lovely family holidays - one to Devon, and another to Butlins.  
-Our gorgeous little man turned three and our beautiful sweetpea turned one.  
-The Other half managed to get a good job with the council - meaning better wages and closer to home....saving almost £200 a month on fuel bills....
- I found out that I was expecting baby number three
- Had an amazing Christmas...and every penny spent was well worth it just to see the look on the children's faces :) 

There are so many more things I could list....but I dont want to bore you to death...

My new years resolutions of 2012 are....
- Be more organised - with housework, uni work, laundry...all the usual I seem to be constantly behind on! 
- Make more time to do more stuff with little man and sweetpea...surely taking them for a walk at least once a week is no huge task! 
- Spend more time in the house doing crafty activities, or just playing on the floor - ignoring the housework completely....
- As soon as the baby is born get on a mission to get back to my pre-sweet-pea weight...which didn't happen in between this baby and sweet-pea but it has to be done before this wedding!  
- Make effort for EVERY Friday night to be mine and the other half's 'date' night...Which goes back to my if i'm on top of my uni work/housework/laundry then that will be possibly surely?

Well I have my 20 week scan on Thursday, and cannot wait.  Even though Im 90% sure I am having a boy....even though I did say that with sweetpea....and she was not a boy...haha! Will have to wait and see...even though waiting isn't a strong point...afraid I dont have much choice.

So starting tommorow, I am going to clean the house from top-to-bottom, do at least an hour of pure uni work (Facebook is going to have to be banned during Uni work time...) and get on top of my Monday I can start as I mean to go on...

But for now, I am going to abandon the Uni work I have been attempting to do, go have a nice relaxing shower and put my Jim-Jams on and snuggle in front of the telly with the other half and watch (against his will) Coronation street....

Bye for now 

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  1. Congratulations on the news of your new baby, don't forget to pop back and let us know if they are pink or blue!